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Insects Among Us


Investigate the area near the Skitter hive and report back to Lieutenant Val-koh.


Ahvet'nae Traveler. I've heard nothing but good things about you and I hope you will continue your excellence for the glory of Bana'seret and the Circle of Light. One of the things we have learned from our new goddess Temperis is that time is something that must be used efficiently and a precious resource. My sources have indicated that a strange breed of insect, the Skitter according to my records, have a hive not far from Axelion. While normally we strive for peace with our surroundings, the isle of Aeon has not yet welcomed us with open arms, and these Skitter are another example of that. Our Savants believe there is a chance at communication with these beings, but in the meantime they are aggressive and hostile to any form of contact and the capital is too close. I need you to investigate the situation first hand and report back to me. Avoid contact with them if possible but naturally, you may defend yourself if needed.
All empires suffer growing pains, this Ouroban himself has said on more than one occasion.
Now that you have grasped the situation personally, you can see that time is against us so we must act quickly.



  • 3480 experience
  • 25
Quest Facts

- Level: 5
- Requires level 5
- Side:   
- Start:
- End:
- Sharable: Yes


  1. Insects Among Us
  2. The Creeping Tide
  3. Scent Away
  4. Battle for Survival
  5. Towards the Future!