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Welcome to Alganon

Server Status

  1. Matma'el
  2. Aeon

We have many support options to choose from. To receive support within the game type /ticket and enter the details. To enter a ticket outside the game use this link. You may visit the support page here or email support@alganon.com.

Thank you and enjoy exploring Alganon!

Requirements Return to Top

Alganon Minimum System Requirements

Windows 7 w/ ALL service packs
CPU: Dual Core @ 2.4GHz
Hard Drive: 4GB
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c
Video: nVidia 6xxx, ATI x800 minimum with latest drivers
Internet: DSL, Cable, or other broadband connection

Alganon Recommended System Requirements

Windows 10
CPU: 3GHz (Dual or Quad core CPU)
Hard Drive: 6GB
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c
Video: nVidia 9 series or higher, ATI 3000HD series or higher
Internet: DSL, Cable, or other broadband connection

Game Client (Microsoft Windows Only) Return to Top

Alganon is currently under maintenance and not currently available for download or purchase.

Please check the game's Steam page periodically for news and updates regarding the upcoming re-release.

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Playing the Game Return to Top

Here is a brief overview of the controls and commands:


The WASD keys for movement, QE will strafe. Also, pressing both mouse buttons together will move forward. Pressing mouse button 3 will toggle auto-run.
Holding the right mouse button will let the mouse control look & movement direction.
Holding the left mouse button will allow you to rotate the camera look direction without changing your movement direction.

Targeting & Interacting

F1 will target yourself
F2-F6 will target party members
1-9,0,-,= will trigger their respective slots on the action bar
Shift-# will change your action bar page
Left clicking on an entity will target it only
Right clicking on an entity will interact with it (attack, talk, etc)


/s to "say" a message (local range)
/y to "yell" a message
/# will allow you to send a message to the chat channel
/p will send a message to your group
/w (name) will send a whisper tell to a specific person
/em (text) will send a text based emote
/3 sends a message to the Help chat channel
/4 sends a message to the Faction chat (Ourobani/Kujix/Asharr) channel
/5 sends a message to the Family (Your faction family) channel
/6 sends a message to the PvP World Defense channel


/invite will invite the person you have targeted into your party
/invite (name) will invite that person to your party


/gsign (name) will invite a player to sign your guild charter (once purchased). You can do this from any distance.
/ginvite (name) will invite that player into your guild
G - Will open the guild panel

Other key commands:

T - Toggle melee attack on what you have targeted. This does the same thing as using the "Attack" action
I - Show your study page
P - Show your action book. You can use actions by left clicking them in the book or drag them to your action bar
K - Show your skills
L - Show your quest log
C - Show your character information
B - Open your first bag
Shift-B - Open all your bags
M - Show the world map. Right click to zoom out a level.
Alt-Z will toggle the UI.
Esc - Show the main menu

World Map:

At the lowest level (the realm map), the map is revealed in a "fog of war" style. This means as you explore, the map detail will be revealed, and you will be able to tell, from looking at the map, where you have and haven't exported yet.


There are a large number of emotes working, though we won't list them all in this document. A few examples are "/wave", "/point", "/joke", "/silly" etc.


NPCs with quests to give you, or that you can turn in, will show on your minimap. They will also have icons (that look like books) floating over them.


For additional information see our Tutorial in the Library