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Name Location Type
Abershad Pottery Frogmuck Quest
Adventurer's Pack Windy Plains Quest
Alkali's Boots Xukaris Folds Quest
Alkali's Breastplate Xukaris Folds Quest
Alkali's Helm Xukaris Folds Quest
Alkali's Leggings Xukaris Folds Quest
Altar of Sorrow Graves of Sorrow Quest
Amalek's Satchel Grax Burs Quest
Ancient Idol of Triasha The Murk Quest
Ancient Leaves Xukaris Folds Quest
Ancient Peacemantle Dispatch The Murk Quest
Andorian Bloom The Snog Quest
Argonian Sentry Ward Xukaris Folds Quest
Armor Rig Shell Xukaris Folds Quest
Asheroth Supplies Pigwallow Quest
A'ton Artifact Whey Runs Quest
Attuned Rift Stone The Snog Quest
Aurovan Ritual Stone Aurovan Ritual Grounds Quest
Bag of Rotting Fish Heads Sandshore Quest
Balam's Thumb Balam's Thumb Quest
Bandit Banner Dread Thresh Quest
Bandit Banner Greenfurrow Quest
Bandit Documents The Shimmer Quest
Bandit Heirlooms Sandshore Quest
Barrel The Murk Quest
Bent Leaf Old Jix Farm Quest
Blackend Stone The Great Bur Quest
Blackleaf Hypersonic Generator Cyprak Muck Quest
Blackspore Pod The Snog Quest
Bloodied Sprog Corpse Southpine Quest
Bloodshade Alchemy Supplies The Shimmer Quest
Bloodtusk Cache Xukaris Folds Quest
Bloodtusk Junk Pile Xukaris Folds Quest
Bloody Footprints Baron's Arch Quest
Blossoming Jungle Lily Xukaris Folds, Skaxar Tredge Quest
Blueleaf Hypersonic Generator Dreadknot Quest
Bone Dry Well Allen Farmstead Quest
Bone Pyre Xas Snag Quest
Book of Judgement Xukaris Folds Quest
Boson Mathus's Corpse Sandshore Quest
Bradley's Bucket Aldonar Quest
Brawnroot The Murk Quest
Broken Bucket The Shimmer Quest
Broken Still The Shimmer Quest
Brunkle Bush Berry Skaxar Tredge Quest
Bubbling Rocks Ardin Pond Quest
Bubbling Spring Deadly Reeds Quest
Bucket of Earth The Shimmer Quest
Buried Crate Southpine Quest
Buried Treasure Redwoods Quest
Burnt Lusha Corpse Vuxx Hollow Quest
Burnt Lusha Remains Vuxx Hollow Quest
Burnt Lusha Remains Vuxx Hollow Quest
Burnt Lusha Remnants Vuxx Hollow Quest
Burnt Shield Sandshore Quest
Caged Kitten Windy Plains Quest
Captain Lorewalker's Corpse Old Foundation Quest
Cat Hide Westpaw Bark Quest
Cauldron of Wrathpoison Bloodshade Bandit Camp Quest
Ceremonial Torch Sandshore Quest
Charred Cloth Sandshore Quest
Charred Lusha Corpse Vuxx Hollow Quest
Charred Lusha Remains Vuxx Hollow Quest
Charred Stone Whey Runs Quest
Chief Threespear's Corpse Fort Goxan Quest
Conduction Rod Thok Gar Quest
Conduction Rod Hez Gar Quest
Conduction Rod Xukaris Folds Quest
Corrupted Bloodgem Graves of Sorrow Quest
Corrupted Bloodgem Graves of Sorrow Quest
Corrupted Bloodgem Graves of Blight Quest
Corrupted Bloodgem Graves of Sorrow Quest
Corrupted Bloodgem Graves of Blight Quest
Corrupted Bloodgem Graves of Sorrow Quest
Corrupted Bloodgem Graves of Blight Quest
Corrupted Harrow Plant Asheran Forest, Hale Pines Quest
Coven Altar Partisan Rock Quest
Coven Book of Rituals Ancient Worship Grounds Quest
Crab Food Mound Crab Mounds Quest
Crab Trap Windy Plains Quest
Crabweed Sandshore Quest
Cracked Ogran Skull Scavy Lair Quest
Craggy Mound Crab Mounds Quest
Crashed Xukiss Glider Digsnout Wallows Quest
Crate of Bones Baron's Arch Quest
Crate of Kujix Idols Hale Pines Quest
Crude Obsidian Reprocessor Nulag'ok Quest
Crushed Ogran Skull Scavy Lair Quest
Cryptic Map of Redwoods The Great Bur Quest
Cursed Kujix Gold Frogmuck Quest
Damaged Drone Control Unit Xukaris Folds Quest
Damaged Ogran Skull Scavy Lair Quest
DankSkitterHive Skitter Brush Quest
Darkeye Seedpod The Murk Quest
Darkroot The Murk Quest
Darksea Supplies Westport Quest
Data Crystals Grax Burs Quest
DAYSIX Camp Table Thok'gatar Quest
DAYSIX Coffer Kung Hold Quest
DAYSIX Strongbox Ruugnart Quest
DAYSIX Treasure Chest Hez Gar Quest
Dead Warpriest Kari Graves of Blight Quest
Deadwood Cider Quest
Deadwood Pyre Soil Sample Dread Thresh Quest
Destroyed HUD Convoy Soghuk Quest
Diatomaceous Earth The Shimmer Quest
Direwing Egg Grax Burs, Xanjuis Plains Quest
Disturbed Grave Xas Barrows Quest
Divining Rune Whey Runs Quest
Driftwood Whey Runs Quest
Duskwalker Armored Chest Duskwalker Outpost Quest
Duskwalker Supply Crate Grax Burs Quest
Dust Covered Corpse Wicked Hedge Quest
Eblin's Body Snoggy Wallows Quest
Empty Crate Greenfurrow Quest
Empty Crate Fort Goxan Quest
Enhanced Mechanoid Gearbox Xukaris Folds Quest
Fallen Temple Stone Hale Pines Quest
Fetid Plains Buck Flesh Windy Plains Quest
Filched Supply Crate The Murk Quest
Flawed Lucanite Xukaris Folds Quest
Fleshless Ogran Skull Scavy Lair Quest
Footpaw Food The Shimmer Quest
Frap Grass Xukaris Folds Quest
Freshly Mined Salt Frogmuck Quest
Freshwater Shimmer Mussels The Shimmer Quest
Frog Grog Still Frognar Squarb Quest
Frognar Arms Crate Frogmuck Quest
Frognar Idol Frogmuck Quest
Frognar Invasion Plan Frogmuck Quest
Frognar Training: Victory Dance Choreography Frogmuck Quest
Frying Pan Grax Burs Quest
Funeral Pyre Threshburrow Quest
Germinating Darkeye Seedlings The Murk Quest
Giant Pearl The Murk, Haggon Marsh, The Snog Quest
Giant Spider Egg The Black March Quest
Gilded Lantern Xas Snag Quest
Glacial Condensation Xukaris Folds Quest
Gleaming Heart of Stone Nulag'ok Quest
Glimmer Kelp Asheran Forest, Hale Pines Quest
Glittering Trinket The Murk Quest
Gnawed Human Bone The Murk Quest
Gnoll Goodie The Murk, Redwoods, Windy Plains Quest
Gnollchief Runtborn's Remains Stonehowl Dens Quest
Gnollclash Weapons The Shimmer Quest
Golden Shore Core Sample Whey Runs Quest
Goldenseed Husk The Murk Quest
Goobnok Artifact Windy Plains Quest
Goobnok Idol Windy Plains Quest
Gox Berry Grax Burs Quest
Goxan Strongbox Fort Goxan Quest
Grainsack Hale Pines Quest
Grandma's Pie Heddige Farm Quest
Graniteskull Bonfire Wisp Vale Quest
Graniteskull Smoker Box Xukaris Folds Quest
Grave of Mara Heartfall Hoggish Sneer Quest
Graves of Blight Altar Graves of Blight Quest
Great Pyre of Xukiss Temple of Xukiss Quest
Greatblade of Sa'moth Upper Mung Quest
Grok Ruins Snake Idol Grok Ruins Quest
Half Buried Bone Hale Pines Quest
Half-buried Chest Sting Hive Quest
Half-Eaten Plains Buck Flank Windy Plains Quest
Hardened Armor Rivets Xukaris Folds Quest
Heart-etched Blade Skaxar Tredge Quest
Heartglass Shard Skaxar Tredge Quest
Heavy Whey Bushel Windy Plains Quest
Heddige Outhouse Heddige Farm Quest
Hedgecreep Hale Pines Quest
Hidden Stash The Murk Quest
Hidden Vineyard Redwoods Quest
High Relickeeper's Femur Grax Burs Quest
High Relickeeper's Humerus Grax Burs Quest
High Relickeeper's Rib Grax Burs Quest
High Relickeeper's Spine Grax Burs Quest
Hognip The Murk Quest
Hoogap Bone Glaze Frogmuck Quest
Hopgrass Frogmuck Quest
Hun Thunderjug's Bonfire Lusha'amarr Quest
Idol of Balam Quest
Idol of the Frog Sandshore Quest
Immature Phochi Pod The Murk Quest
Infused Rock Fragments Whey Runs Quest
Invasive Bog Grass Hale Pines Quest
Iorite Chunk Xukaris Folds Quest
Iron Lock Redwoods Quest
Iron Lump The Murk, The Shimmer, Xukaris Folds, Redwoods, Whey... Quest
Irrigation Mechanism Lower Whey Quest
Jakky's Gift Sandshore Quest
Jakky's Secret Stash Sandshore Quest
Jar of Hogmud The Murk, Skaxar Tredge Quest
Kajixar Tome Whey Runs Quest
Kajixar's Blessing: A New Empire Grax Burs Quest
Kajixar's Relic Forge Skullseeker Rise Quest
Kajixar's Warning Xiss Nesting Grounds Quest
Kallenwood Branch Xukaris Folds Quest
Keg of Dufrane Wine Holden Vale Quest
Kenzo's Personal Journal Skaxar Tredge Quest
Keystone Carving Grax Burs Quest
Kingswort The Shimmer Quest