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Battle for Survival


Seek out and speak with Ambassador Klek-Sho the Skitter.


    Through the blessings of the Great Ward Ouroban, we have been able to communicate directly with the Skitter in a way never imagined before. A representative of their kind has come to us for help, and we can speak with him directly. He calls himself Klek-Sho, or something that sounds similar and is here on behalf of the Ilisad Clutch, his particular tribe of Skitter. Go, and see what can be done to help him and his brood for they will no doubt make useful allies in the months to come.
    None of us imagined that the Skitter were more than insects…
    A loud cheerful voice seems to come from everywhere at once, “I Say Old Chum, But It Is Good To Meet You! I Am Klek-Sho, Interface With The Illisad Clutch And Friend Coming With Hat In Hand! Jolly Good Show, Your Work With Those Oppressive Buggers, Eh? Well, Enough Pleasantries Then! Let’s Get Down To Business!”


    • None


    • 3100 experience
    • 30
    Quest Facts

    - Level: 6
    - Requires level 5
    - Side:   
    - Start:
    - End:
    - Sharable: Yes


    1. Insects Among Us
    2. The Creeping Tide
    3. Scent Away
    4. Battle for Survival
    5. Towards the Future!