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Scent Away


Bring Lieutenant Val-koh five Gall Bladders from the Moss Bears north of Axelion.


With the pause in Skitter activity, the Savants have theorized that scent may be the sense most used by them and thus may give us a chance to end this problem with no further bloodshed. The local bears of the forest have a particular diet; one of those things being Skitter young. Bring me some of the Gall Bladders of the bears nearby and the Savants believe they can create a substance that will ward off further Skitter intrusions by setting danger zones around their territory.
Their structure and organization speaks of something much smarter than mere incents…
Muk'em-el Traveler. Your efforts will help keep Axelion safe and avoid yet another front of a war we are already hard pressed in. However, we have learned something even more amazing than first imagined. While your travels may have shown you that there were two opposing hives of Skitter locked in struggle in the northern hills, we have learned of a third; and they have come to us for help.


  • None


  • 3100 experience
  • 30
Quest Facts

- Level: 6
- Requires level 5
- Side:   
- Start:
- End:
- Sharable: Yes


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  2. The Creeping Tide
  3. Scent Away
  4. Battle for Survival
  5. Towards the Future!