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Brew the Fat


Collect 10 Chunks of Pig Fat for Bradley.


Yes? Oh, I'm Quinn's squire, Bradley. After joining his service in Asheran I've come to learn that the term 'squire' is synonymous with 'slave', or at least it is in Quinn's vocabulary. Apologies, friend, I don't mean to trouble you with my annoyances. I'm a bit busy at the moment anyway - Quinn's a bit obsessive about his personal hygiene and I need to make some more soap before he comes looking for it. You don't happen to know a good source of lard do you? Pig fat works especially well I've found...



Pig fat? Why, it comes from pigs of course!
Wow, you've managed to gather enough lard to keep us in soap for quite a while. I don't have much means to repay you for this, but please accept this.


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  • 87560 experience
  • 1 35
Quest Facts

- Level: 49
- Requires level 46
- Side:   
- Start:
- End:
- Sharable: Yes


  1. Brew the Fat
  2. Something to Lye About