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Leaf Relief


Collect 5 Soft Giant Leaves for Quinn.


The wilds of Teldis are a great place to visit. Grand views, big game to hunt, and glorious battle to be had. However, there are someā€¦ amenitiesā€¦ that one from my noble station comes to miss eventually. Proper hygiene can be rather difficult without the right items. The sticks are rough and most of the other foliage is suspect - you never know what kind of a rash you can pick up in the jungle if you're not careful. I have a courier inbound from Ardonya with some fine Westport sponges among other things. Sadly, he is late. I don't suspect anything amiss - it can be a long journey and I'm sure he's only delayed. Perhaps you could locate something to substitute while I wait - something soft, non-poisonous, and... leafy, perhaps?
Sticks have bark on them, you know? Bark is rough.
And you're absolutely positive these aren't poisonous? I had an allergic reaction once...


  • None


  • 87560 experience
  • 1 35
Quest Facts

- Level: 49
- Requires level 46
- Side:   
- Start:
- End:
- Sharable: Yes


  1. Leaf Relief
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