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Nexus of Worship


Kill the Scion of Suffering.


With its shields removed, the devil is no doubt struggling to remain on this plane. If we strike quickly and destroy its host, it will not have the power to possess another form while the seals are gone. This is our best chance to end this before it is too late. Find and destroy the devil's host, the Scion of Suffering.
Do not waste time Exemplar.
You have done what many would have called impossible Exemplar. If left unchecked, that devil may have found a way to manifest itself on this plane physically, and that would have been disastrous for all of the Ourobani. You are a true hero of the people my friend. Dahim'el Yu-set.



  • 65700 experience
  • 42 50
Quest Facts

- Level: 34
- Requires level 30
- Side:   
- Start:
- End:
- Sharable: Yes


  1. Signs of the Past
  2. Seeking the Truth
  3. Faith and the Faithless
  4. The Power of Nature
  5. Nexus of Worship