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Violent and Hungry


Kill fifteen of the Bandits prowling the roads north of the capital.


Ah, it is good to see a competent agent like you here for important work. I have some tasks that I cannot trust to just anyone. Ever since some of our brothers and sisters become the Lost, many of them have taken to banditry along the borders of the capital in order to survive. Joining the tribes or forming their own bands, they have been robbing and pillaging the people of Axelion with impunity. This will not be tolerated. Even if they were once family, they have betrayed the trust of the Great Ward and turned their backs on the Reconstruction and this is punishable by death. Go and kill some of these traitors so that our women and children do not face a crisis in the future because of the cowardice of a few of our own.
To betray the light of Ouroban, what madness must have possessed them?
With the death of those traitors, the faith of the people is restored and those who have betrayed us will have another thing to keep them awake at night. May the Circle shelter you Traveler.



  • 10000 experience
  • 40
Quest Facts

- Level: 8
- Requires level 8
- Side:   
- Start:
- End:
- Sharable: Yes