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The Dead That Kill


Destroy fifteen of the undead wandering the forests north of Axelion.


You are quickly distinguishing yourself as a reliable asset Traveler. This is good, and no doubt Ouraban smiles upon you. We have a serious problem and I am confident you can help. Despite the warnings and denouncements by not only our own gods but those of the Kujix and Asharr, Necromancy is still being practiced on Alganon. We ourselves face a serious threat from the walking dead. Some of the local tribes have turned to worshiping dark and dead things with the long absence of Enlightenment and their undead have managed to overwhelm more than one of our brothers and sisters. I need you to travel forth and deal a blow to these abominations before their numbers become too great to handle.
Rising a dead warrior with profane magic, this scum must be made to pay.
You have done well my friend. Now that the numbers have been decreased with the help of your fellow agents, we have planned a counter offensive in response to future attacks.


  • None


  • 3480 experience
  • 25
Quest Facts

- Level: 5
- Requires level 5
- Side:   
- Start:
- End:
- Sharable: Yes


  1. The Dead That Kill
  2. Corpse Parade
  3. Sinister Implications
  4. Necromancer Threat