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Old but Not Forgotten


Kill ten Blacktalon Gnolls and ten Open Eye Sprog north of Axelion.


Now then, since you have been a tremendous help in Darcian, naturally I have high hopes for you here in Axelion as well. The wild tribes of the hills are not the only ones on Aeon who have turned to dark and forbidden things in search of power. Nasty creatures, Gnolls and Sprog are also residents we share Aeon with and they worship things that are not gods at all, but shadows and creatures best left lost and forgotten. Show those infidels that there are but two ways for them; join the Circle and obtain enlightenment or embrace destruction. I think we both know what they will choose.
Only death can cure certain things.
Your work is appreciated as always. I suspect that they have gotten the message and you have avenged your brothers and sister that died trying to make peaceful contact with the creatures upon our first arrival. This is only the beginning however.



  • 3480 experience
  • 25
Quest Facts

- Level: 5
- Requires level 5
- Side:   
- Start:
- End:
- Sharable: Yes


  1. Old but Not Forgotten
  2. Fanatical Frenzy
  3. Destroy the False Idols
  4. Vaktrel the Sage