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The Quartermaster's Dilemma


Talk to Quartermaster Chatters in Asheran.


    Quartermaster Chatters has been asking everybody if they've seen you, whatever the problem it can't be good. The last thing we need right now is supply problems. Do me a favor would you? Go see old Chatters before things get out of hand?


    • Renown (Renown Level 4)
    • Human (Human only)


    See what Chatters needs, will you?
    You got here just in time! I've been looking all over for you. I've got a big problem and I need your help. See, our fiscal year is coming up right around the corner. If I don't get rid of some of these Talismans, next year they won't send me my usual supply. So here's my problem. All of us already have one, and regulations say we can't take another. You're about the only soldier I know what doesn't have one of these. So, do me a favor will ya? Take one of these here Talismans. Oh, that reminds me. Have you got a pair of leggings to put that thing in yet? I just got in a brand new pair today that would fit you right well. Zanyana's blessing is strong on these, I'd grab um up if I were you.


    • 250 experience
    • 110 renown 
    • 2 50