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The Granite Skull


Find the Granite Skull and return it to The Collector.


I didn't expect to find another traveler out this far from the main paths. You're neither Boneblade, HUD, nor Skix - Peacemantle perhaps? Perhaps something else... Me? I'm an agent of… procurement. I serve very private employers. People who are interested in collecting and preserving many of history's discarded and forgotten bits and bobs. You may call me The Collector. I'm in Teldis because it has come to my attention that several of the items on my special watch list can be found in this very area. Let me be direct. My employers pay me well, and I am capable of sub-contracting much of the legwork involved in my procurements. Simply put, if you help me by retrieving some of the items I'm searching for I can reward you. Interested then? Good. The first item I need is a Granite Skull. I have no clues to it's exact location, other than that it can be found here in northern Teldis. Good luck.
It's a skull, and it's made of granite. You should have no problem recognizing it when you find it, though I understand it's quite life-like.
Well done. This skull was a rare fetish of the Graniteskull Ogran tribe in the past. It was stolen and hidden here, waiting for us to find it.


  • None


  • 83760 experience
  • 1 32 30
Quest Facts

- Level: 48
- Requires level 45
- Side:   
- Start:
- End:
- Sharable: Yes


  1. The Granite Skull
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  3. Black Star Gold
  4. The King's Plume
  5. Stuck in the Throat