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Where's Heisha?


Ask Falroy about Heisha’s whereabouts.


    Welcome friend. Look, let me lay it on the line here; we need Boneblade to join with the Asharr, and we’ve been working to do just that. However, my agent Heshia has gone missing and I need to find her. She had been approaching the issue through Falroy; if you get my drift? I’m sure he has an idea.
    I’m busy!
    Humph! I sent her away from all these other…people. She’s been tasked with somethin else to do. While I’m at it, you should be workin too!


    • None


    • 2480 experience
    • 32 20
    Quest Facts

    - Level: 46
    - Requires level 43
    - Side: Asharr
    - Start:
    - End:
    - Sharable: Yes