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The Touch, the Feel...


Collect fifteem Spindlesilk Silk and bring them to Trader Amra in Windy Encampment.


There is a place to the north known as The Arch. It was once an Ogran holy site, but has since been overrun by spiders... No... no, this is a good thing! The spiders are Spindlesilk! Spindlesilk spiders are extremely rare, and cannot be raised in captivity. The Hall of Knowledge keeps watch over their breeding patterns, and the Legion of Ghazmok places a high tariff on their silk to keep them from being lost to extinction, but a colony this size is ripe for the picking. Unfortunately, the silk begins to turn brittle when it hits the air. You will need to kill the spiders to collect the purest spindlesilk.
You will need to kill the spiders at the Arch in order to collect the pure spindlesilk.
These will fetch a good price. It is a shame that Arbiter Takrin and these tariff’s will take such a large portion of my profits.



  • 3770 experience
  • 8 5
Quest Facts

- Level: 23
- Requires level 20
- Side: Kujix
- Start:
- End:
- Sharable: No