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Reconnaissance in Force


Collect the Rukuz War Plan and the Kurog War Plan.


Generally nidgits will travel in small bands no larger than a raiding party, but the Rukuz and Kurog have set up quite a little empire here. With so many of these vermin in one place I can only assume that they are planning an assault but the location and the time of this attack are still a mystery. If I were to give the orders for an assault on Nidgit Glade and even one of the bands where to make a counter attack then the time that has been spent uniting the Ogran would have all been in vain. I have seen couriers from each band moving between the camps. Collect any intelligence they may have and return it to me. With luck we may be able to preempt their plans and crush them before they are at full strength.
I will not risk a bind assault here, Kujix. Bring me the information I need and then we will finalize our plans.
These orders are in a dialect that is not familiar to me, but in time I may be able to decode them. Until I fully understand these orders we must keep the Ogran under control.


  • None


  • 4570 experience
  • 9 80
Quest Facts

- Level: 28
- Requires level 25
- Side: Kujix
- Start:
- End:
- Sharable: Yes