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Rok Polished Rock


Collect ten Cliff Rok Gullets and return them to Acolyte Lajrix


Moments after we laid the foundations for this summoning, I stumbled upon a valuable find. In a pile of waste, left behind by one of the local beasts, I recovered a pearl-like stone. It was formed in the belly of one of the local creatures, but we are unsure of which creature could create such a thing. I believe the Direwing Roks to be the beast-in-question; they are known to use stones to aid in their digestion. Don’t worry, friend, I will not ask you to dig through their waste. If you bring me the gullets of these birds, I can confirm them to be the source of this stone.
Have you collected the gullets?
The stones contained here are the same, but they have not been polished. We are a step closer, friend.


  • None


  • 2650 experience
  • 2 40
Quest Facts

- Level: 16
- Requires level 13
- Side: Kujix
- Start:
- End:
- Sharable: Yes


  1. Radiated Raptors
  2. Rok Polished Rock