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Unburdened Soul


Bring the Soul Essence of Dennix Mir to Arbiter Takrin in Windy Encampment.


When I arrived here, this outpost was a haven for some of the worst criminals this region has ever seen. They used this outpost to maintain control over the nearby gate, and force those who attempted to reach Xanjuix Karr and join us in the Great Silence to pay them tribute. They had grown powerful, and my only choice was to take them down from the inside. It is a choice I now regret. I took part it too many of their deeds, and now, I make amends. I will bring them to justice. Kill Dennix Mir. He is not the simple trader he portrays himself to be. Bring his soul essence to me, and I will prepare it for judgement.
Kill Dennix Mir so that I may cast judgement upon his soul.
I can feel the tainted soul you carry, friend. Dennix Mir will be judged.



  • 3770 experience
  • 8 5
Quest Facts

- Level: 23
- Requires level 20
- Side: Kujix
- Start:
- End:
- Sharable: Yes


  1. Unburdened Soul
  2. An Offering to Ghazmok