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May 15 2015- Build Notes
Client Patch

Welcome to!

- Replaced in-game Zeevex payment system with Xsolla. This will go live when the Steam version rolls out next week. Until then, no new Tribute purchases can be made.

- Another wave of fixes has been implemented to address combat issues.  Enemies should now respond to player attacks quickly and accurately and kiting high level mobs with no danger is no longer an option.

- Keep and Tower NPCs will again attack all enemy players when in range.

- PvP Siege weapons now correctly vanish from the game world after sitting idle for 5 minutes as they were intended.

- The NPCs in the Halls of Knowledge (Kujix starter area) have decided to come back to work and are ready and waiting to greet new players.

- Magus AoE spells were not always hitting other enemies with their splash damage/effects.  This has been resolved.

- The Ranger's Leg Shot skill was leaving enemies slow and crippled until they died.  We have fixed this and enemies will now react in line with Leg Shot's tooltip.

- An indicator has been added to the character selection screen to show if that account has the base Alganon game or the Rise of the Ourobani expansion pack.  This is to better help players see at a glance which version they own.

Padreic - Friday, May 15, 2015 10:50 AM