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January 28 2014- Build Notes
Rise of the Ourobani Launch Notes

Rise of the Ourobani Launch
Client Patch 3.0.0 (client version

New with 3.0.0

* The Rise of the Ourobani expansion is now live! With it comes a whole new race (the Ourobani), the Warden class, flying mounts and much more! Visit the forums, library and TMS for detailed info.
* The portal system has been replaced with static flight paths. Talk to a flight master in town to take to the skies!
* Mercenaries have come to Alganon, bringing their deadly skills for hire through the Tribute Market. These companions will be the same level you are and can be a valuable asset to every player.
* The Ourobani race will be neutral to the Asharr and Kujix until one side has killed the others King.  After that the Ourobani will be friendly to the side whose King was killed and enemies to the other.  The Ourobani and their allied race can share quests, content and group up.  Their allegiance will flip depending on who has PvP control of Alganon and can play a major role in the changing of power.
* Fall damage has been introduced into the world of Alganon. Gone are the days of jumping off of mountain tops and towers. Please be careful when falling from any great height or dismounting from flying mounts during their flight path, or you may find yourself with a nasty headache (or worse!)

Additional Fixes with 3.0.0
* Zone buffs again apply correctly when a faction controls a PvP area
* WFK ToF (all 3 sections) - We have rebalanced WFK in order to bring the loot drops and enemy attacks to where they should be. Stats on loot drops are more favorable and many enemy special attacks aren't so obscenely damaging
* We have cleaned up MyAlganon to better reflect the current content in the game

Padreic - Tuesday, January 28, 2014 02:42 PM