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April 01 2011- Build Notes
Patch 2.6.0

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Client Patch 2.6.0 (client version
New with 2.6.0
  • Barbers have come to Alganon. Visit them near the TMS Vendors in the capital cities to change your appearance. Due to the recent character model updates, there is currently no cost to use the barbershop until April 6th. After the 6th, the barbershop will begin selling their services for Tribute.
  • Multiple characters on each account are now able to study simultaneously! This will allow a much, much faster opportunity to customize your various characters at the same time.
    • With this change, Study Boons are now applied to the study being actively learned instead of across all character studies. This gives players much more control and use over their purchased Study Boons.
  • Last names are now optional and no longer restricted to one faction per account. Each character can have a unique last name, no last name or the same last name across multiple accounts.
  • First and Last Name Change Tokens are no longer handled through the website. They can be purchased from the 'Tokens' tab in the TMS or from the Token Tribute Vendors in the capital cities.
  • Alganon now has a fullscreen windowed mode. This can be found on the Windowed Mode drop down menu in the video options.
  • GM Whisper text is now orange to make it easier to differentiate between PMs and general chat.
Known Issues
  • Using a bound key to toggle standing and sitting will always say, "You stand."
  • No sound effect plays when opening and closing your bags.
  • Purchasing Tribute with PayPal through the in-game browser is not completing the purchase correctly. ¬†We're working on a fix for this, but in the meantime please use the out-of-game MyAlganon website for any PayPal Tribute purchases.
Bug Fixes
  • Keyboard input has been reworked and now allows apostrophes and similar keys to be typed in the chat window for those that could not before.
  • The Craft All button will now craft all available of that item instead of stopping at 99.
  • Switching from one Tradeskill window to another no longer keeps the first Tradeskill's filter lists.
  • Selecting a different recipe while a recipe is being crafted multiple times will no longer begin crafting the second recipe.
  • Players are now prompted to confirm equipping a Bind on Equip item.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the tooltip to display the first action's info when hovering over an action on the Action Bar.
  • The character list on the Character Select Screen is now properly ordered by date the characters are created.
  • The client now properly selects the last used character on the Character Selection Screen.

Guzzer - Friday, April 01, 2011 11:47 AM