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May 28 2009- Build Notes
Client Update -

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  • Fixed bug that prevented handing in some quests
  • Quest tracker will now initially default to 1 target arrow, though it will be configurable via options
  • Quest tracker will now point you to where to hand in the quest when it is completed
  • Quest tracker can now be moved to a different location on the screen
  • Fixed an animation bug when mobs first aggroed on you
  • Fixed crash what would happen when trying to harvest resources from too far away
  • 2-handed weapons are now handled correctly, including un-equipping your shield or offhand item
  • Fixed bug preventing shields from being equipped
  • Fixed some random client crashes
  • Edit boxes now have much more functionality, including using arrows to move the cursor, ability to highlight sections of text, delete, home, end, and cut & paste to/from the clipboard.
  • Multi-line edit boxes (like the bug UI) now support enter to start a new line as well.
  • Vendor items will no longer be red if you can use the item
  • The action buffer bar will now remember your setup
  • The Quest Tracker now shows the correct distance (in meters)
  • You will no longer have 0 health when you retrieve your corpse
  • The client will now stay at the char select/create screen indefinitly, instead of the 5 min disconnect timeout it had before.
  • New item appearances added.
  • New item icons added.
  • Anger degeneration while in combat has been fixed.
  • New: Server shutdown warnings can now be issued before planned shutdowns. Keep your eyes peeled for them!

jdsmith - Thursday, May 28, 2009 06:45 PM