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May 10 2010- Build Notes

Welcome to!

Server Hotfix 5/18/10
  • Fixed the vanishing boss issue.
  • Improved server stability.
Client Hotfix 2277
  • Fixed the invisible mob bug.
  • The Nameplate Distance will now save correctly.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to be returned to their bind point upon login.
  • Nameplates are no longer affected by the underwater distortion effect.
  • Players will no longer get stuck in the Recall animation after casting it.
  • Fixed an issue where some weapons were not set to the correct size.
  • Fixed an error that displayed when the player opened their chat options while dead.
  • Lethe Caves - Bone Dens: The Avatar of Death's phase 2 skeletons now correctly display their timers.
  • Tooltips in the Quest Log now properly close when the Log is closed.
  • Ability descriptions will now fit completely in the trainer's description window.
  • Warfiend Karr - Barbican: Stonebelly Jaxx will no longer lead into a fight with the Stonebelly buff.
  • Temple of Balam'karr - Inner Sanctum: Chieftain Stonehammer now attacks players who attack his Blackrock Idols.
  • Fixed a rare error where newly created characters could not speak with quest givers or open UI windows.
  • /lfg will now correctly flag a player as looking for group.
  • Lusha'aton - Tempest Temple: The mobs inside tempest temple will now correctly play their attack animations.
  • Fixed a number of typos in the game data.
  • Mobs will no longer approach the death stone at Silverwar's Outpost.
  • Players can now follow their group mates using either /follow or right clicking on their target portrait and selecting 'Follow'.
Gameplay Enhancements, Game Balance and New Features
  • The Alganon Launcher is no longer required to play Alganon, using Alganon.exe instead of the Launcher will allow you to enter Alganon one step faster.
  • You may no longer send account-wide mail to your own account.
  • Significantly improved mail performance for characters with large amounts of mail.
  • Removed the limit on visible mail temporarily imposed in the last patch.
  • Nameplate view distance slider has been added to the Interface Options.
  • Mail Icons have been added to the Mailbox interface.
  • Players can now choose what information is displayed in NPC nameplates, ranging from NPC names, health, and faction.
  • Added Target of Target and Focus Target options.
  • Added a soft selection method; it should now be easier to loot mobs.
  • Moving UI elements around will now display a blue glow where they are going to dock.
  • The global cooldown will now cancel when the player interupts their own spell casting, allowing them to switch spells faster.
  • Added a tooltip to the ingame clock which will display local time as well as game time.
  • Antialiasing options were added to Video Options.
  • Added a death stone to Northwestern for players who die in Wash Targ.
  • Bur Clasp - Northern Dig: Improved the AI of Krash'dunn the Immortal.
  • The default Loot Rule is now Need Before Greed.
  • Trial players now play on the regular servers with Trial restrictions in place.
  • Lusha'aton: Both parts of this instance have received a balancing pass to make it more challenging for players.

Amnarious - Monday, May 10, 2010 12:10 PM