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February 11 2010- Build Notes

Welcome to Patch!


Bug Fixes
  • Damage over time effects now miss with less regularity.
  • Fixed a number of Client crashes related to clicking on Quest items.
  • The Smart Camera Follow options now function properly.
  • Players will no longer lose the ability to type in the Bug Report or Library Text fields
  • Players will no longer lose chat field functionality from the Unknown Exception error.
  • NPC Rag Burfoot in Glok Fort will no longer display partially inside of huts.
  • Alchemist recipes that were not meant to exist in the game have been removed.
  • Players can now loot chests that they left behind after returning.
  • Fixed a number of typos in game data
  • Fixed the crash that occured in the Alganon Crash Reporter.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the camera to spin quickly.
  • The client will no longer crash when the player logs out to the main menu.
  • Chat window positions are now saved properly when the player exits the game.
  • Ogran spawns in Hezanok now have an attack animation.
  • Level 1 Asheran Stags no longer drop chest loot.
  • Kurdax Voll in Silverwar's Outpost no longer sounds so feminine.
  • Physical attacks now correctly use weapon damage type (ranged attacks use ammo damage type) when calculating the resistance mitigati on of NPCs.
  • The "can't do that" sound effect should now only play for the player trying to activate the action that is not valid.
  • Queen of Wrath - The Wrath Queen has been made a bit more difficult and this quest is now a 3-player difficulty.
  • Crab Bones - Shattered Crab Bones now only drop while the player is on the quest.
  • Stocking Up: Arms - The Recovered Weapons for this quest now stack.
  • The Decoy - Adjusted the quest rewards to be more varied.
  • Grass Burning - Frap Grass is now lootable for Asharr.
  • Artorious and Kremmit the Frognar - These quests no longer share rewards.
  • All Gussied Up - The objectives for this quest now reference their correct targets.
  • Powerful Relic - The item dropped for this quest is now group lootable.
  • What a Cutthroat Wants - Glossy Scorpions are now easier to find and the quest items stack.
Gameplay Enhancements and Game Balance
  • The Culsu and Undead of Haggon Marsh have harvested loose energy from the Dawning and gained dark powers to wield against the heroes of Alganon.
  • Players can now bind a Sheath key to draw or sheathe their weapons.
  • Blacksmithing: The Copperweave Mitts Recipe is no longer free.
  • The quest reward item "Staff of the South Wind" now binds on pickup.
  • We now have a fancy, shiny, and new Create Character Menu. Please check it out!
  • Tweaked player movement to eliminate the sliding character issues.
  • Raised the count for item stacks in the Action Bar, making them easier to see.
  • Salvaged Obsidian Parts are no longer 'Unique' and will stack properly.
  • The Jagged Watch portal now has a the normal portal menu, instead of being a one way trip to Westport.
Class Changes


  • Camouflage is now correctly removed when using any aggressive action or mounting.

Amnarious - Thursday, February 11, 2010 11:22 AM