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February 04 2010- Build Notes

Welcome to Patch!

Known Issues
  • In some rare cases, the font size for the player's chat box will shrink. To fix this, simply right click on the chat tab, select Display Options and move the Font Size slider to the right (about halfway is the default setting).
  • Due to changes in the chat frame, the settings have changed and it may not look right. To fix it, simply right-click on the chat tab and select "Reset" from the menu to restore the default settings.
  • Soldiers and Rangers will find that their Auto-Attack icons don't flash when attacking a Mob.
Bug Fixes
  • Kilt of the Gentle Dawn now costs the correct amount of Dawning tokens.
  • The Sand Pearl item required to craft the Azurite Shield now drops from level 35-40 Lusha.
  • Dreadmist Creepers no longer drop Staghorn Antlers.
  • Reinforced Targ of Zeal is now salvageable.
  • Raised the Guild Name label above the player's head. It should no longer clip into the player's head while mounted.
  • Mobs no longer teleport on aggro and have had their sliding reduced during combat..
  • Fixed a bug that caused Mobs with ranged attacks to move in strange ways.
  • Fixed a number of typos in game data.
  • Stunned Mobs are no longer able to use th eir special actions until they break free from the stun.
  • Fixed a number of breaks in the world mesh.
  • Fixed a number of texture seams in the world mesh.
  • Players can no longer delete mail if there are items or money attached to it.
  • Removed the stray portal graphic that displayed in Warclaw Post.
  • Recasting a Buff now correctly refreshes its timer.
  • The Group Loot method 'Need Before Greed' now correctly displays 'Magical' as its default Loot Threshold.
  • All portals in a player's list now function properly.
  • Mail can no longer be sent in C.O.D mode without first assigning a price to the letter.
  • Fixed a number of ground types playing an incorrect sound effect when stepped on.
  • A player can no longer acquire a quest from an item if they are in the wrong faction.
  • Deleting a character now automatically removes them from their guild.
  • The quest dialogue will no longer display if the player is of the wrong Organization for a quest.
  • The Guild Members page will now update its members' levels.
  • Resolved some connection issues with the servers.
  • The increase to Healing from the Healing Arts Study now displays properly in the Character Sheet.
  • Tooltips no longer go off-screen in non-widescreen resolutions.
  • Instant cast actions will no longer fail when players are in motion.
Gameplay Enhancements and Game Balance
  • Right-clicking to move items into or out of your bank will now try and add the item to an existing stack first if possible.
  • Drav Orak has begun selling Salvaged Obsidian Scraps that no longer pique his curiousity.
  • Rumors have drifted in from Haggon Marsh that Xukiss hid secrets within the strongest of his obsidian spiders. Those who have studied alternative crafting may be able to learn new recipes from their parts.
  • More quests have been added for the Kujix.
  • When in Ghost form players can no longer target spawned Mobs.
  • Right clicking on a mob will now start auto attack but will not end it.
  • By player request we have implimented a UI Scale slider in the Interface Options menu.
  • Improved Chat functionality and backend code.
  • The Ourobi have reviewed their contract with the East Asheran Trading Company and are in the process of altering the number and destinations for the E.A.T.C.'s private teleporter network.
  • Any Unique crafted item has been changed to Unique Equipped, so players can craft as many as they like.
  • Made various improvements to the ambient sound in Shimmer Thresh.
  • Kujix who complete the Cloth Market Study are now offered Quests by Sendaj the Master Tailor in Xanjuix Karr
  • Alternative Leatherworking / Tailoring / Blacksmithing Recipes are now sold by crafting suppliers throughout Alganon.
  • Players will now receive an error message when attempting to remove items from their bank into a full inventory.
  • Loot messages now include clickable item links.
  • Factions now respect the player's 'At War' status.
  • A group leader can now promote a group member to group leader.
  • NPC movement has been improved.
  • There are no longer Bind to Guild bags.
  • The names of Epic and Magical quality items are now purple and blue respectively.
  • Players in Ghost form will find that they walk as silent as the grave.
  • Critter Mobs now have grey names.
  • Withdrawing a Quest Item from the Guild Bank will now update the Quest Log
  • The player no longer needs to log out and log back in before their quest log will update with the quests gained from a Study.
  • Some mobs have learned to rally their fellows to resist taunts.
  • Completed Quest Objective text has been made lighter and easier to read in the Quest Log.
  • Timers on quests now update in realtime.
  • Timers associated with quests now appear on the Quest Tracker to more easily alert players.
  • The UI redesign has begun, starting with removing player portraits that used to display at the top left of nearly every window.
  • The player loot animation is now smoother.
  • Old Stories - The Ancient Peacemantle Dispatch now drops from the Boneblade Mercinaries south of Blacktear Shads.
  • Fight Jake for It - The quest rewards for this quest have been fixed.
  • Smoke Them Out - The Wolf Dens can now be set aflame.
  • Gutburster - The Quest Description now lists the quest's Start and End NPC.
  • Stocking Up: Provisions - Tender Crab Meat now stacks properly
Class Changes


  • Self-Sustainability now correctly only applies its effect to the Ranger who cast Invigorate


  • Rugged Yell's effect remains on the player for the proper duration.
  • Cleave once again strikes an additional target.

Amnarious - Thursday, February 04, 2010 05:17 PM