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December 30 2009- Build Notes
Welcome to Patch
Known Issues
  • The cooldown timer for consumable items does not immediately display over items within the player's backpack but does display properly on items stored on the action bar.
  • Existing characters will have to manually set the keybinding for taking screenshots. New characters will have it as Print Screen (Prt Scr).
Bug Fixes
  • Brew of Burst now properly lists its ingredients.
  • Fixed an issue that would occasionally stop players from being able to login.
  • Fixed mob pathing issues where mobs would run off into nowhere when led to the end of their chase distance.
  • The casting bar no longer displays when the player attempts to learn a recipe they don't meet the requirements for.
  • Corrected a number of typos in game data.
  • Novice Crafters can now learn to make all of the available bandages featured in the Library.
  • Talrok can now get into the Inn in Phenos to speak with Hostess Jirag.
  • Items that have multiple requirements to use (like some recipes) now show all the requirements properly.
  • Skargwatch Tower's doors have opened wide inviting all adventurers to enter.
  • Debuff icons for MOBs are now properly removed when they are led to the end of their chase distance.
  • The mailbox outside the Founder's Heirlooms shop is now Xanjui x Karr useable.
  • The gates housing Caretaker Ellis' area in Asheran have been opened. Players will no longer become stuck in his court.
  • The gods have spirited the Draft of Hardiness from Alganon (it was never supposed to exist in the first place).
  • Diku now spawns correctly in game and can be interacted with.
  • Meadow Stags have become hardier and are less prone to dying from a single blow.
  • Elemental Ward can now be removed by a player by left-clicking on its buff icon.
  • Carrion Crawler has been made a bit tougher and won't easily fall after a single blow.
  • Mob animations no longer freeze during combat.
  • Emotes no longer freeze during an animation.
  • Players will no longer automatically fail harvesting an item if harvesting from the same node twice in a row.
  • Herbalism nodes now only glow when a player has Herbalism as a tradeskill.
  • Mousing over a skinnable mob after looting it will only show a skinning knife cursor if the player has the Skinning skill.
  • Trial Server - The trial notice will now display correctly at lower resolutions.
  • Trial Server - Trial players can no longer see non-trial servers in the Change Realm window.
  • Players can no longer raise their tradeskills by crafting items grey to them.
  • When a player changes the duration of the item about to be put up for auction the deposit cost now properly updates (to reflect the different costs for the different auction durations).
  • Right clicking a ring will add it to the second ring slot (if empty) before swapping the first.
  • Fixed a few cases where the map's satellite view did not display when a player discovered a new area.
  • Drinking a potion will no longer cause a player to glow permanently. (No more green "holiday cheer"!)
Gameplay Enhancements and Game Balance
  • Bloodraider Pirates now hit for less damage.
  • Players fighting the Culsu near Skargwatch Tower no longer need fear winding up at The Shimmer death stone.
  • Herbs now stack up to 100.
  • The mouse wheel now scrolls certain user interface elements when the mouse is over them.
  • Screenshot functionality is now in game. Screenshots will automatically be saved to the Documents > Alganon > Screenshots folder.
  • Players can select the format they wish to save screenshots in (jpeg, bmp, png or dds) in Interface Options > Camera options.
  • Consumable items now display their cooldown timers when used.
  • Buried Treasure - The dirt mound for this quest has been made easier to see by adding loot sparkles to it.
  • Shatter the Sunwind - The quest information now correctly states that the player must kill 2 Sunwind Torchers.
  • Triasha and the Marsh Sprog - One of the rewards for this quest is now the Clasp of Primal Fury.
  • Webbed Bundle - This quest starter can be found from Skitter Brush skitter.
  • Glyphblades - These fancy weapons now stack in your inventory and the final Glyphblade is no longer left with the player when they complete the quest.
  • United Front - Peacekeeper Westsun is now much more talkative.
  • Delicious Research - Direwing Eggs now drop from Direwing Roks. They can also still be found on the ground.
  • Register Recovery - This quest has now been correctly set to require 3 players.
  • Finding a Way - Rotten Skitter eggs now spawn correctly.
  • Coming Clean - Adynn Peacemantle has finally learned Wickewater's name.
Class Changes


  • Protection Stance's effect now displays above the Soldier's head and moves with them if cast while moving.


  • The Flamebolt spell now has an impact particle effect when it strikes.


  • Heart Toxin now refreshes the effect when reused before its expiration.

Amnarious - Wednesday, December 30, 2009 12:52 PM