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December 16 2009- Build Notes
Welcome to patch
Bug Fixes
  • Various enemy pathing fixes have been implemented. No more backstabbing!
  • Debuffs can no longer be removed with a simple click.
  • The Treebarq Twig of Aptitude now equips to the correct slot.
  • Humanoid type enemies will now use their correct attack animation.
  • Various improvements to harvesting and resource nodes.
  • More tier 5 resources were added to the world.
  • Fixed memory leaks throughout Alganon and improved server stability.
  • The mailbox in Westport is now open for business, feel free to mail your friends the good news!
  • Zircon is now available to harvest by Miners who seek it.
  • Weaponmaster Farjak has been given a much more sinister looking weapon.
  • Rosewood Heavy Bow of Aptitude now equips into the correct slot.
  • Various typos were corrected in Quests and Tooltips.
  • Vestements of Ferver now provide a bonus Spell Accuracy when 2 items of the set are worn.
  • Mushtusk Hogs are now skinnable.
  • A bug causing texture planes to cover an entire region has been fixed.
  • The Auction House will now correctly update pricing information.
  • Recall now displays the correct cooldown animation when the player switches characters.
  • The numpad now functions properly in the Ticket sy stem .
  • The Tradeskill window has been moved up slightly.
  • The client no longer crashes when you inspect a player who is logging out.
  • You can now see mobs who are underwater.
  • You can no longer harvest while dead.
  • Major improvements were made to collision, it should load properly for every player now.
  • Azurite Plate Aegis no longer requires 12 of itself to craft.
  • The flickering textures have been fixed.
  • Fixed footstep sounds when walking over bridges and other objects.
  • Fixed a character select crash that occurred if you deleted all the characters on your account, and tried to go back to the login screen
Gameplay Enhancements and Game Balance
  • Quest items will no longer disappear as soon as somebody in the group loots them. It should also be safe to have somebody in your group who has completed a quest, as you will continue to get the drops
  • If a mob attacks you, and you do not currently have a target, your target will automatically be set to the attacking mob
  • Large improvements have been made to Factions, players can expect the Dampstone, Graniteskull, and other faction based enemies to respond appropriately.
  • Group Looting has been vastly improved by the implementation of both Free For All and Round Robin loot rules.
  • A Tooltip will now display to show the player who is looting a chest when in a group.
  • Rebalanced the selling prices for various player crafted items.
  • Various creatures who were mistakenly given far less HP than intended have been fixed.
  • Additional Heavy Armor appearances have been added.
  • Buffs now refresh themeselves when they are recast.
  • Arvak and Jax have new sound effects.
  • Made improvements to the world map. Players in Harraja can now zoom in normally.
  • Changes were made to various tabards, capes, and robes to prevent clipping.
  • Various tooltips were reworded to better describe the purpose of an item or effect.
  • Gaining an Action through an Ability will no longer cause the Action to be darkened on the player's tooltip.
  • Arrow Keys are now secondary movement keys by default.
  • Numpad keys will now work properly when Numlock is used.
  • Players can now toggle the display of party member locations on the Minimap.
  • Players can now click on the Quest Tracker to switch which quest is being tracked in the Minimap.
  • Tooltips added to every option in the Character Creation page.
  • Drastic improvements to enemy reaction and movement speeds.
  • Certain abilities that were useless without previously obtained abilities (Wild Rampage, Humidity) now have dependencies to the primary abilities.
  • The Bright Morning armor set is now properly flagged as epic.
  • Monsters in Haggon Marsh and Teldis run a bit faster now.
  • Boneblade Legionnaires are a little more social and bring more friends into battle with them.
  • The missing clue as to the mystery of aggressive skitters in Rapark Bones has revealed itself and will provide a quest once found.
  • A Grand Ceremony - Chuk will now respond to players who come with a proclamation to the Scytheclaw Ogran.
  • Serpent Eggs - The Mossy Snake Eggs should be attackable again.
  • Lieutenants of Rukuz - Drobug has come out of hiding and can now be killed at the player's leisure.
  • Tending the Newgrowth - We are happy to announce that the saplings in Redwood are growing well and should be more visible and the required item count has been fixed.
  • An Obvious Solution - Direflood Lusha now carry Tightly Braided Cord, also the Quest Tracker should lead you right to them now.
  • Man's Best Friend - Muffin has been made a Level 1 Critter.
  • Scam Artists - Arkannen is no longer in hiding.
  • Various - The Ancient Peacemantle Dispatch has appeared.
  • An Eclectic Collection - The empty reward slot for this quest has been fixed.
  • Triumphal Marsh - Boneblade Communication now drops more frequently.
  • Harvesting Heartglass - Heartglass now spawns in Aldonar.
  • Chomper Catastrophe - Waypoint and Objective have been fixed.
  • Finish the Job - Players can now interact with the gas in Harrowshox.
Class Changes


  • The Gods have become displeased with the antics of mortals who would abuse their gifts and thus will no longer grant Divine Favor to healers outside of combat.
  • Touch of Harming has had its tooltip revised, and now properly states that you gain Divine Favor when it critically strikes.
  • The tooltip for Woe now displays the proper description.
  • Envy and Woe now last 10 seconds.
  • Darkside is now instant cast.
  • Darkside now costs 42% of your base focus.
  • Touch of Harming now costs 24% of your base focus.


  • New Protection Ability: Seeing Red. Allows you to generate anger when dodging, parrying, blocking or being struck while in Protection Stance.
  • Reinforced Shields now increases block amount instead of block value.


  • Improved Shatter now causes the Numb effect to use 10% of your spellpower (previously used 5%) when determining how much damage to absorb.


  • Weapon Shield's cost reduced to 15% of base focus (previously was 25%).

Amnarious - Wednesday, December 16, 2009 01:45 PM