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December 10 2009- Build Notes
Welcome to patch
Known issues
  • Pattern Spiders will become unattackable and in some cases despawn when Frozen Blood is applied to them.
Gameplay enhancements and Game balance
  • Heal over Time abilities now use correct Spellpower amounts.
  • Floating text now appears on top of the character receiving a heal for the person who cast the heal
  • Loot rights for monsters have been reworked in preparation for advanced group loot rule systems. For now, only people present in the group when a monster was killed will have rights to loot the items on it in a Free-For-All fashion, whether they are still in that group or not. Players who join the group AFTER the monster was killed will not be able to loot.
  • Wardens and Treekeepers now have bulked up a bit and now have standard health.
  • Bind on Equip items can now be sold by players at the local Auction House.
  • Players will be happy to note that there is a new crosshair on the map to help them find themselves. Geographically, at least.
  • Reputation has been given a numerical representation in the Reputation Window, resulting in less guesswork when wondering how trusting your allies are.
  • Various - Graniteskull Ogran are now attackable.
  • Serpent Eggs - The Mossy Snake Eggs are now vulnerable to attack.
  • Huge Success - Porgal has come out of hiding.
  • Squeaky Wheel - Witherscale Oil can now be stacked.
  • Boneclasps - Boneclasp Badges can now be stacked.
  • Our Most Valued Customer - Flawed Lunacite is now available for players to harvest.
  • Witching Staves - The Blue Waterwitches now carry their coveted Lunatide Staves.
  • Green-eyed Monster - The Rogueback Beetle's now part with their shells.
  • Armor of E'gal - This fine Ogran armor now displays properly in all its glory to those who find it.
  • We Do What We Must - Tainted Obsidian Shards can now be found on the Rift Obsidian Crawler and the Haywire Obsidian Crawler.
  • Bad for Digestion - There are now more Enhanced Mechanoid Gearboxes in the Xukaris Folds.
  • If You Can't Beat Em... - Nightvine has begun growing in the Hale Pines.
  • Bottled Rage - The famous Bubbling Vat can now be destroyed by any hero who needs to.
Class Changes and Combat enhancements


  • Darkside now correctly benefits by 20% of the divine favor stacks on a target when doing damage.
  • Deathwalk now adds the correct number of Divine Favor stacks when using Favor of Death.


  • Cry Havoc has been redesigned, it now increases the damage dealt by all group members by 15%. This action drains all your anger and increases the duration of Cry Havok by 4 seconds for every 10 anger past the initial cost drained.
  • The Resonance buff is now correctly applied to the soldier when using epicenter.


  • Heart toxin now adds a percentage of spellpower to the damage when the Ranger is in Lifeblood Presence.
  • Heart toxin correctly removing the effect if the shot misses. The action should be available for re-use immediately.
  • Point Blank shot again correctly deals knockback when the shot hits.
  • Basic attacks now have a chance to regenerate focus while in Predator's Presence.
  • Rampage, Mash and Arrow Stab now refund half their cost when used in Protector's Presence.
  • Protector's Presence now improves your physical resist by 350% of your agility. Other resistances are still improved at 100%.


  • Touch of Ice now correctly reduces pushback on all spells when in Ice Affinity.
  • Players must now purchase the Diversion Ability before they can purchase Improved Diversion.
Bug fixes
  • Various Blacksmithing items were resorted into their proper category.
  • The Guild Name label under the Player's name has been moved up.
  • Resizing the Chat window will no longer stop the player from receiving messages.
  • Various grammatical and spelling errors are now fixed.
  • The Casting Bar now reflects the correct casting time when it is shortened by an effect or Ability.
  • The game will not crash when resizing the window while it's still processing a resize.
  • Various improvements to collision were made, no more falling through stairs.
  • Players will no longer see group invites when they are already in a group.
  • NPC movement has been improved. They should no longer run behind you when you pull them, or are in the process of fighting them. Their general movement should be a bit better too.

Amnarious - Thursday, December 10, 2009 01:41 PM