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November 19 2009- Build Notes
Welcome to patch
UI and Game Play enhancements
  • Timers have been added to the buff bar, however there is a known issue, they count down from 0 in to the negative numbers... for example a 30 second buff will count form 0 to -30. This will be fixed soon.
  • Support for extended keyboards has been added.
  • Character features now apply much faster while creating a character.
  • Many spellpower items rebalanced to improve gameplay.
  • Significant improvement in server performance.
Classes and Combat
  • A number of visual effects were updated with new composite effects.


  • All Magus abilities are now active.

New Magus abilities:
Fueling the Fire
Improved Diversion
Shock Seizures
Storm Bringer
Thunderous Strikes

  • The cast time of Shatter has been removed.
  • Shatter no longer consumes your Frozen Blood stacks.
  • Grip of Winter now also affects Cone of Cold.
  • Shocking Cold now causes Ether Blast and Ether Wave to cause Frozen Blood instead of Static Shock.
  • Freezer Burn now generates an increased amount of threat.
  • Hardening redesigned. Now reduces all damage taken while in Ice Affinity by 2/4/6/8/10%.
  • Ether Blast and Ether Wave have gained an additional 20% benefit from spellpower for all Magi.


  • Deathwalk now converts 60% of your spellpower into soul while active and prevents your actions gaining benefit from spellpower.
  • Darkside has been redesigned. When Divine Favor is consumed it places a damage over time effect on the target for 20% of the initial damage dealt times the number of stacks of Divine Favor over 9 seconds.
  • Darkside is now on a 10 second cooldown.
  • Touch of Harming will now generate a point of Divine Favor on all critical strikes.
  • Divine Harm redesigned - now gives your Touch of Harming a 50/100% chance to generate Divine Favor when cast on a target also under the effect of Word of Harming.
  • Trance and Deathwalk now have 10 second durations and are no longer permanent. They are still mutually exclusive and will overwrite the previous effect.
  • Apathy now provides 15% damage reduction at maximum effect.


  • Stoutness redesigned. Now increases your block chance by 15% after using Shield Slam. Can only be triggered once every 35/30/25/20/15 seconds.
  • Burning Rage and Improved Assault have swapped places in the ability trees.
  • Burning Rage redesigned. Now improves the initial anger boost from Fury by 2/4 points.
  • Momentum redesigned. Now increases damage dealt by your next Shield Slam after a successful block.
  • Wicked Cleave now only works while you have a shield equipped.
  • Riposte now has a 10 second duration, a 10 second cooldown and an increased cost of 15 anger.
  • Soldiers will no longer generate anger erroneously when using special attacks other than Riposte.
  • Improved Riposte now also lowers the anger generated from counterattacks by 33/66%.
  • Weapon Shield now renamed to Improved Parry and provides a 1/2/3/4/5% flat increase to parry chance.
  • Aggravated Assault anger cost reduced to 5 anger.
  • Heavy Hit will now strike with both hands every time a hit is successfully generated. By the same token any avoidance results will cause both attacks to miss.


  • Mash will now strike with both hands every time a hit is successfully generated. By the same token any avoidance results will cause both attacks to miss.
  • Offhand strikes with Mash now deal half damage as intended.
  • Weapon Shield will no longer consume focus when Mash is triggered.
  • Bond of Hunt-Mates will now correctly increase your critical strike chance by 3%.
  • Wild Guardian redesigned. Now reduces damage taken while in Protector's Presence by 2/4/6/8/10%.
Bug fixes
  • the /who feature is now working.
  • A bug was fixed that stopped players form putting two items in a row up for auction at the Auction House.
  • Fixed a number of potential server crash issues related to player actions.
  • Changing gear no longer causes characters to disappear while the changes are applied.
  • Fixed an issue with Soldier Weaponry Stance which wasn't apply the correct crit% bonus.
  • Fixed an issue with Soldier Adrenal Stabilization which wasn't apply the correct crit% bonus.
  • Healer Woe and Envy now properly applying their respective buffs.
  • Healer Spite now properly applying its slowing effect.
  • Healer Smothering now correctly adding 20% damage to the Healer's offensive spells.
  • Healer Shadow Walking now correctly reducing the cast time of Darkside.
  • Domination now correctly applying 3/6/9/12/15% spellpower bonus.
  • Ranger Bond of Huntmates now correctly applying crit bonuses to both players.
  • Updated the tooltip for the Natural Bounty ability to reflect Lifeblood Presence.
  • Heart of the Healer now working as intended.
  • Lifeshot now correctly adds weapon damage to the heal calculation.
Known issues
  • Logging out to the character select screen and changing to different server will get you disconnected form the server. For now, exit and restart the client when you want to go to another realm.
  • If you try to skin a mob that has been dead for more that 10 seconds you will not be able to take the loot! However, if you have auto loot turned on this will not be a problem.
  • The ranger's arrow animation is sideways.

EndBringer - Thursday, November 19, 2009 06:58 PM