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November 13 2009- Build Notes

Welcome to patch

Notice: There is a known problem with the AVG anti-virus software. It incorrectly detects a "generic Trojan" virus in the Alganon patcher.
Hot fixes and balances
  • Issues with mounts and non-combat pets have been resolved which were causing players to be unable to mount in some cases.
  • Pushback has been reduced to a maximum of two occurrences per cast.
  • Increased overall performance of the server and reduced NPC reaction time.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed bug that prevented ranger attacks from working sometimes
  • Several situations where players may remain stuck in combat have been resolved.
  • Multiple server stability issues were addressed.
  • Fixed several client crash issues.
  • Fixed a problem with the way some gear rendered when the character got on a mount.
  • A bug was fixed that caused some mobs to flicker back and forth in place but not move.
Known issues
  • Logging out of the game to the character select screen and then making a new character will cause the character to have odd actions that it should not. To avoid this always quit the client and run it fresh before you create anew character.
  • Logging out of the game to the character select screen, then backing up to the authentication screen, reentering your password and trying to re-enter the world will cause the server to disconnect you. If you need to reenter your password for any reason, you should exit and restart the client for now.
  • New chat channels added to a chat window will not display until you have logged out and back in.

EndBringer - Friday, November 13, 2009 09:34 PM