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May 10 2009- Build Notes
Client Update -

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  • Fixed several bugs relating to moving items and bags around (one of which could crash the server).
  • Updated the sound engine, which should fix several client crashes caused from it.
  • Gossip dialogs implemented. Npc (or some objects) that have things to tell you will now do so.
  • Wandering NPCs will now stop when you talk to them.
  • Several faction issues fixed
    • Avatars will now correctly be associated with their home faction (Asharr or Kujix). So NPCs belonging to those factions will now be friendly to you.
    • Fixed NPCs throughout the world have had their factions checked and fixed as needed, so you should now be allowed to talk to ones you need to, instead of attacking them.
  • New actions have been added for the Healer and Ranger.
  • Voice Sets updated on all Fixed NPCs.
  • Numerous Quests updated throughout Asheran Forest and Xanjuis Plains.
  • Numerous typographic errors have been fixed in quests and item names.

Berek - Sunday, May 10, 2009 12:00 AM