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October 25 2009- Build Notes

Welcome to Patch


UI and Game Play enhancements

  • Visual support for buffs are now in!
  • Auto loot now works.
  • Group experience rules are implemented. The system message will state how much of the exp one gained was from the group bonus. A range check is now in effect, one can not gain quest credit or EXP from kills made by a group member that is a long way off.
  • Created a timer that links movement animation play speed with movement speed. This should eliminate the look of "gliding" and "moon walking" that may occur when a mob or player is under a slow or haste type effect.

  • Two new quests have been added to the previously uninhabited hut at The Muck in Haggon Marsh.
  • Multiple typographic errors have been fixed.
  • Many quests that end at world objects (like Ardin's Waters) have been fixed.
Trade skills

  • Many of the tradesmen (and women) in Asheran have hired family members to help sell crafting materials.
  • Also, many items have been added to tradeskill vendors around the world.
  • Trade skill lists in the tradeskill windows have been set by default to sort by difficulty.

  • All class actions that are learned at trainers now have costs.
  • Actions and abilities that previously stunned the target have been changed to root the target instead or had the stun effect removed.
  • To help balance focus regen rates at low levels, Healer and Magus characters now start the game with less Soul than they did previously.


  • By popular demand, a new rank of Assault has been added at level 5.
  • A new rank of Shield Slam is available at level 22. The existing rank at 42 has been improved.
  • Cover now grants an ally 50% of your resistances for 4 seconds. While so granted your own resistances are reduced by 50%.
  • Riposte now removes itself after successfully triggering a counter attack.


  • Sweep now roots the target for 10 seconds. (old: stunned target for 4 seconds)


  • The healer's ability trees are fully implemented.
  • Touch of Hatred is now first learned at level 7 instead of level 8.

New Healer Spells:

  • Healing Embrace
  • Embrace of the Betrayer
  • Blessed Embrace
  • Embrace of Confusion
  • Embrace of Wrath
  • Faith Embrace
  • Trance
  • Deathwalk
  • Neutralize
  • Shield of Faith
Bug fixes

  • Removed an item duping exploit found in player trade and mail.
  • Found several actions that should auto self-cast but did not. Let us know if you find more.
  • Fixed a problem with set gear bonuses.
  • Fixed several other bugs with gear and stat adjustments.
  • Healer Resurrection is fixed.
  • Various server crashes are fixed.
  • Various character animations have been adjusted and fixed.
  • Ambient sounds now work as they should.
  • Map and library screens are fixed for ATI users.
  • More client crash bugs have been squashed.
  • Fixed a bug with Riposte that prevented it from turning off after use.
  • All duel wielded weapons should display properly now.
  • Fixed a bug with the crafting animation.
  • fixed a bug that caused a resource node to be lost if it was harvested when one's bags were full.

EndBringer - Sunday, October 25, 2009 06:08 PM