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May 06 2009- Build Notes
Client Update -

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  • Playable area and Leveling
    • Asheran Forest (on the Human side) and Xanjuis Plains (on the Talrok side) have been developed.
    • Quest lines for both races are developed up to about level 30.
  • Classes
    • One can create a character of any class, however, their respective abilities are in development. Melee and Ranged melee are the only actions that are fully implemented.
      • Soldier: A few special actions work.
      • Ranger: A few special actions work, but no companions yet.
      • Magus: Special actions are not working properly, but damaging spells deal damage so this class can be played.
      • Healer: Special actions are only partly implemented, they can not heal, so there little point in trying this class at this time.
  • Trade skills, Abilities and Studies
    • The gathering skills are in, but recipes for other skills are in production
    • Abilities (ability points) are not tied in, points can be assigned but have no effect. Also, spent points are not saved on the server yet.
    • Studies can be learned

Berek - Wednesday, May 06, 2009 12:00 AM