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August 01 2009- Build Notes
Patch version

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Sorry folks - Character Wipe!


  • Numerous bug & crash fixes
  • LUA out of memory bug fixed
  • New bug reporting system now automatically sends stack trace
  • Trading between characters now functional

Data, Server & Gameplay

  • Refinement of the core combat system, resulting in more challenging gameplay once you leave the starter areas
  • Combat Scaling has been adjusted. 2H weapons and instant attacks should be more in line with their activation required counterparts.
  • Monster improvements are being slowly ramped out, including elite monsters. You will see a silvery cord in the level tag next to the name of any elite monster. Be careful when fighting them!
  • Soldiers can now use a wider variety of 2H weapons.
  • Ranged attacks no longer double dip into attack power.
  • Fixed a bug with quest item stacking that prevented completion of a quest when you received multiple of that quest item
  • Correctly applied protection contributions from gear and several other factors
  • Fixed a bug that caused healing potions and healer spells to stack hit point values past maximum
  • Fixed a bug that caused mob idle animations to stick until they were engaged in combat
  • Re-enabled all AoE spells

Known Issues

  • Dodge and Parry aren't showing properly in character data
  • Some actions are not yet implemented.
  • Temporarily raised backwards movement speed until a suitable default value can be determined

BilyFoster - Saturday, August 01, 2009 11:07 PM