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June 18 2009- Build Notes
Client Update -

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World and Questing

  • The Ourobi have opened basic teleportation nodes throughout the world. The appearance, number, and cost for using these nodes will change dramatically as time goes on, but a basic set of teleporters are available for speeding up travel through the world.
  • The Ogran have come to Alganon. Ogran NPCs should have appropriate appearances. If you notice any Ogran without the right mesh, please /bug them!
  • The Nidgit infestation has started. Watch for these pesky little gremlins all throughout Harraja.
  • Brasher now guards the teleportation nodes of Westshallow.
  • New items and weapon appearances have been added. This should replace 90% of the "shovel" art. Feel free to /bug any shovels you think shouldn't be there.
  • The stacking of vendor trash loot has been updated.
  • New npc labeling system has been added. Note: We are still making enhancements to the fonts they use, but that won't be in till next week.


User Interface

  • Added a new fade-in/fade-out to the main UI windows.


Bug Fixes

  • The looting animation has been corrected.
  • Some client crash bugs have been fixed.
  • Footstep sounds will not be quite so loud anymore.


Known Issues

  • The Nidgit's combat animation is choppy
  • Foot wear doesn't render on Asherr healers that are wearing their apprentice's robes.

Berek - Thursday, June 18, 2009 08:23 PM